Thursday, April 7, 2011

What you get to learn at an MBA college in Delhi?

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a coveted degree which is provided by MBA colleges around the country that are recognized by UGC. The ones which are not affiliated with any university can not call their course award as a ‘degree’ but these are called ‘diplomas’ or post graduate diplomas. The institutes giving these courses are affiliated to the AICTE. The third ones are totally private institutes which do not offer any degree or diploma but they name their awards variously as ‘programs’, ‘courses’ etc. Top MBA Colleges prepares a candidate to take up the administrative or managerial positions in different organizations at different levels of the organization.

In general, the two year post graduate program is divided into 4 semesters, two semesters per year. The first year is devoted to the study of general subjects related to business. You might be given the essential knowledge about the law, statistics, management principles and a brief overview of the finance, human resources, information technology and the marketing field. The aim of the first year of MBA College in Delhi is to make the person acquainted with the common business-related issues. 

The second year is the year of specialization where the candidates are required to take up the stream of special knowledge. Here the choice is to be made mainly from the four fields, human resources, finance, marketing and information technology. Some of the MBA institute might not be offering these four streams but might be specializing in only one of these streams, say offering only the post graduate in finance degree. The candidates can choose the institute if they want to go into some expert domain. For doing the masters in finance in the institute which provides specialization in this stream only, the candidate shall make a choice of the right institute well in time.

All through their study focus is retained on practical learning and a number of case studies and projects are undertaken on different subjects by the people. The industry interface is also a crucial part of the course in MBA Delhi College to demonstrate how the learning is applied at the industry level. There is a period of about two months in between the end of first year and the beginning of the second year wherein the candidates are required to do their summer training in an industry on a research topic. The candidates are also required to submit their report on summer training project. This report also lays the ground for the future job considerations of the candidates.

Besides the in-class and out-class learning, there is also a deliberate and conscious attempt to change the thinking perspective of the candidate and to make him a person of wider and global thought. There is considerable personal grooming and personality development which is imparted to the candidate in the MBA College in Delhi. He is trained in the art of making analysis, taking bold decisions and how to deliver the results.

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