Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What all is there is the MBA admissions exam and why?

If you are willing to take up MBA education after completing your graduation, there are a number of institutes which offer this course. There are the AICTE controlled institutes, the UGC affiliated MBA colleges operating under the aegis of universities and even the private institutes with their own set of curriculum and rules. But, irrespective of the nature of the business schools, one does has to go through some sort of examination and required to pass it, in order to be eligible for taking MBA admissions. Many of the MBA colleges have multiple step admissions procedure.

Normally, the three step procedure comprises of the written exam which is basically an elimination round, a group discussion on some topic and finally, the interview. The written exam is a way to test the level of knowledge of a candidate and is used for eliminating those candidates in the first stage itself who do not secure the acceptable level of marks. Out of the three steps of the MBA admissions process, this is the exam step which is given the highest weightage. The exam generally comprises of the quantitative aptitude test, English language, reasoning and general knowledge. The quantitative aptitude test is a test of judging the mathematics subject knowledge. Test of English comprises of the unseen passages, grammar and vocabulary and sentence correction. There are two types of reasoning ability of a person that is tested, one is the verbal reasoning and the other is the non-verbal reasoning. The latter is based on pictures and diagrams. General knowledge test is all about checking how much interest the candidate takes in reading the news items. The focus is more on corporate or economic general knowledge. Often, the candidates are required to work with speed and at the same time be accurate marking the correct answers. Speed with accuracy matters and that is why candidates prepare on these lines before taking the MBA exams.

There are definite reasons why the tests are conducted in such way. Mathematics and statistics is required during the course of MBA education. It is also required that the candidate is mentally alert and capable of sound reasoning since he has to take up managerial level position. Further, the knowledge of what is happening around him can make him a better businessman or manager. English, of course, has to be good since the candidate would be required to interact with people who know English. Not knowing the same will be a major hindrance in communication.

The next step in the MBA admissions process is that of group discussion. This step various aspects of a candidates personality, like the leadership qualities, the ability to retain focus and not let the discussion go wayward, intelligence level, ability to work in a team, treat the topic in all encompassing way, arriving at a reasonable and justified result and maintaining group cohesion. The final step of interview is taken by highly experienced people who would be judging the way you conduct your self.

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