Monday, November 26, 2012

Study abroad from the University of London

Being an alumnus of a reputed university can change your life drastically. Wherever you go, you will command respect as being a student of the University of London. Such names don’t need any introduction because people know what they stand for. All you need to do is mention the name of such a university and people will sub-consciously put you in the elite league! Even companies recruiting look for people with a good college on their resume.
In such times when the competition is cut-throat, a degree from the London School of Economics or related esteemed colleges can make a difference. Heads will turn when the recruiter asks you which college you’ve passed out from and you’ll proudly mention the name of your college.
The University of London international programmers are quite popular among international students since the offer a curriculum design that’s not offered by any university in their native land. The various factors which contribute towards the success of courses offered by such universities is the good student to teacher ratio, extensive knowledge of the industry through field visits, group discussions, debate panels, presentations and internship, wide variety of extra-curricular activities and innovative optional subjects that can freshen the minds of the students.
The University of London is famous for people pursuing Bachelors in business administration. It can open up doors for a better future where they can pursue an MBA after their bachelor’s. Just like in an MBA, even a BBA offers various specializations like marketing, finance, HR etc. in the final year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An overview of popular Bachelor’s Degrees

Getting hold of a good bachelor’s degree is the dream of every college goer. People want to study well so that subsequently they can get hold of a good job. Considering today’s market scenario, pursuing business management and financial management courses can be really beneficial. Here’s our pick for popular bachelor’s degree courses:
·         BA Economic Hons: BA Economic Honours can acquaint students with an in depth understanding of economics. Course module includes study concepts such as what is economics, what are the various types of markets, demand and supply, how markets work, the relationship between producers and consumers, various government schemes and policies that work in favour and not in favour of the different types of markets etc. Those interested in such studies can find this course apt.
·         Bsc Management:Bachelors of Sciences in Management aims towards producing world class managers by striking a perfect balance between theory and practical. Management calls for a mixture of various subjects which include imperfect sciences like psychology and sociology since it’s important to understand the point of view of the society and the consumer’s state of mind.
·         Bachelors in business/Bsc Business: This course is apt for people who wish to continue their family business, start their own business, or want to pursue further studies in the form of MBA. This course trains them in various facets of business such as modern business practices, traditional family run business etc. They contain modules on finance, business, employee motivation, handling a firm in times of stress and crisis etc.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Career avenues after a Diploma in Financial Management

The constant recession since the past couple of years has left many jobless. People are on the lookout for business models that they can successfully implement in an age where companies don’t promise job security, neither do they promise a good pay. The need of the hour is to spot market openings that are ideal for a job.In this recession hit world, people are looking for ways to save money, invest it and gain good returns. In such times, becoming a financial planner is one of the wisest things to do.

To start with, you need to gain expertise in your field of work by securing a good diploma in financial management or some related finance management course. Such courses are offered by the Indian Institute of Financial Planning, one of the most reputed and prestigious universities for financial courses in India. After securing a good degree from there, here are the following in-demand careers you can pursue:

1.       Become a financial planner: Help people manage their finances by becoming their personal financial planner. Help them with various saving schemes and policies. Here you can work on your own, without being affiliated to any firm.

2.       Become an investment advisor: You can work with mutual fund and investment firms and represent them to the clients. You can help them invest money in your firm’s schemes.
3.       Become a real estate advisor: Real estate is one of the best investments. If you are up to date with the knowledge of real estate, you can pursue this opportune field! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seeking Admission in Top MBA College

MBA, a degree that commands respect and pride, is one of the most prestigious degrees to hold. It can help people achieve what they’ve dreamy of since long. It adds a lot of depth to your resume and if done from a top MBA college, can guarantee you a good placement. There on, it will be lots of money like you always wanted!
Getting admission in the best MBA colleges isn’t easy, so here are certain tips that might help you in cracking the MBA entrance test:
1.       Find out about the colleges that suit you: This step is really important because you need to be clear which college you want to get into. Once you’re clear with this, you will know which colleges have their own entrance and which ones take applicants through CAT. You can start preparing according to the specific pattern.
2.       Join classes: Coaching classes give secret tips and essential study material without which cracking an exam can get really tough. Of course, if you’re brilliant with studies, you might not require classes. But classes have their all India mock tests which can give you an indication of where you stand.
3.       Prepare well: MBA in India is becoming a craze. Everyone’s preparing for MBA, so if you seriously want to get into a good college, you need to devote at least 1 year for studying. Study daily for a couple of hours.
MBA is not an easy degree to get. You should consider alternative courses like finance degrees or marketing degrees that are also quite good.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Knowing MBA Admission process and Criteria

A person from any stream of study can go for MBA admissions. The management course can be done with different types of specialization like accounting, finance, human resources and operations management. One must choose the stream best suited for his personality and his liking. The admission procedure differs from institution to institution. Finance management course from different colleges have different criteria depending on the institution policies. One must go through the admission criteria from beforehand to avoid being distressed later on.
One can get into a Diploma in Finance course by sitting for few entrance examinations on offer. Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted by many institutions to choose the individuals capable of studying such courses with concentration. Some institutions ask for graduation record examination instead of GMAT. Some other factors make the admissions to Diploma in Financial Management easier like experience in the field of study or work, references, academic performance till date, recommendation letter from any professor or college, interviews and performance in debates.
Recently, the colleges have taken a decision to look into the extracurricular activities background of the individual applying for such study courses. Most colleges look into the quality of the student and not his nationality or ethnicity. Colleges are happy to provide valid degrees to the individuals showing interest in the course of study. Some colleges have to keep in mind the ratio for choosing male and female students to make the college work properly. Both national and International students are invited to study in the colleges.
USA always happens to be a strict nation with different set of rules for almost everything. Same goes for MBA education as well. They require executives having at least 5 years experience in the business sector to study the courses in MBA programs. They have now relaxed some criteria to compete with other MBA colleges. The employers do not look for US, UK or Indian degree in MBA.  They just want versatile managers to take charge of any kind of situation.
One needs to understand the syllabus and curriculum to come out as successful MBA students. They must try to grab everything from the course material to act as responsible managers later on. During the first year of the study, a large variety of subjects are introduced in front of the learners. After mastering few concepts on everything related to finance and business, the students are moved to specialization studies. This usually occurs during the second or last year of study. One can avail any course like part time or full time course depending on his job requirements or other more complicated life’s activities.
The course matter for the working individuals differ lot from fresher, who come to study the course for future career aspects.