Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basis of judging the Best MBA in Delhi

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a coveted degree which adds considerable value to a candidate’s career path. A candidate gets professional education and training in the main domains of a business, be that finance, marketing, human resource, Information technology or any other specialised domain. The main objective of any MBA Delhi course is to make the candidate ready to manage the businesses and provide direction. In India, numerous institutes have come up in the last decade or so which provide management education to the aspiring candidates. It is difficult to pinpoint any one institute giving best MBA Delhi.

1.    Affiliations: The management colleges delhi usually fall under three categories - University controlled and funded, AICTE approved and other private institutes that are not affiliated to any authority. The candidate shall be careful while opting for the last one. Their courses may not be recognised and they might neither be offering degrees nor diplomas.

2.    Number of years established: The older institutes have their reputation build up over the years and have the required experience and depth of resources to give you a really valuable educational base. These are also likely to be more preferred by the businesses.

3.    Courses being offered: It will pay you immensely to check whether the course curriculum is the one desired by you. And, even if the course is being offered, whether the institute is well known for that course.

4.    Faculty: Teachers are the most important resource of an MBA institute. Well learned faculty with wide experience can teach and train and can make immense difference to the quality of education being imparted.

5.    Industry exposure: This is the most looked for aspect of the top MBA in Delhi by any candidate. After from learning objectives, industry exposure also gives better placement opportunities.

Do look deeply into the prospectus of institute and ask friends, former students and even teachers about the institute before deciding on any one.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best MBA in Delhi for Working Executives.

Formal education in management can add substantially to a person’s career prospects. Many working people take to management education to grow vertically in an organization. With the distinct advantage of experience on their side, they are better placed than the freshers to seek higher avenues of growth. The institute for best MBA in Delhi provides part-time finance courses, evening courses and even the distance-learning courses.

Part-time courses are best suited for those who want to upgrade their management skills for taking up new assignments. These are short-term courses which focus on a particular course segment. These are specialised in nature and the timings are suited for the working people. For those, who can spare a few hours in evening, special modules of management education are provided.

The evening courses could be of longer duration, say three years. Another popular mode of management education is the distance learning method. This is mostly opted by those working or non-working candidates who are not able to attend the regular classes and want to have the flexibility of studying at their disposal. Some of the institutes offering best MBA Delhi also have distance-education programs to capitalize on the big market requirement for the same.

The basic purpose of these finance courses is to ensure that the already working people are not held at a disadvantage and equal opportunities are provided to them to excel in life. Best MBA in Delhi upholds the value of granting ‘equal opportunities to all’ enshrined in our Constitution by offering these courses.