Saturday, March 26, 2011

MBA - Best Option For Your Bright Future.

You can now take your career to an international flight by opting for MBA in finance courses in the best MBA Delhi. The CFP and CFA courses can add new dimension to your career.

Most of the college going students prefer to jump into the MBA fray looking for better job opportunities. They prefer not to opt for the jobs after their graduation and instead go for higher degrees. The reason for choosing the MBA Delhi course is mostly the monetary aspect. For most of the students, the prospects of future earnings overtake their personal interest in choosing the course. For this reason you can find that the finance courses are in high demand. The top MNCs engaged in the finance activities or the private banking and financial institutions are good pay masters.

Though students from all backgrounds can take finance courses but it is the students from engineering or commerce who prefer to do a course in finance since they have a good understanding of mathematics. The students from other streams, if they have an interest in maths, can also opt for different courses in finance being offered by private and government institutes in Delhi. A Masters in Finance degree is offered only by the universities and not by the private institutes. They offer either post-graduate diplomas or certificate course in finance. Sometime back, the Masters degree was held important for seeking jobs in the government and semi-government bodies but the difference between the degree and the diplomas has been obliterated slowly and steadily over a period of time.

Nowadays, most of the banking and financial institutions in the government sector are also open to taking in the diploma holders in their organizations provided that they have done finance course from AICTE approved colleges/institutes. There has also been a growing trend in offering the internationally acclaimed finance courses in India. This has led to seeking MBA admissions in these institutes for doing those courses. Two of the most famous courses are the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), both of which are of US origin and are recognized the world over.

If you are looking for the best MBA Delhi which provides these courses, then it is advisable to log onto the websites of administering bodies of these courses and find out which MBA college Delhi is offering these courses. By doing the same you save yourself from the frauds and cheats operating in this field.

The growing privatization wave of these MBA Delhi colleges and the confusing mix of the different types of courses often lead to candidates taking MBA admissions in the wrong institutes which cheat them for their money. So, one shall seek proper consultation and do some research on the institute which he or she wants to join. It is advisable not to fall for the tall claims made in the enticing and luring advertisements of the institute. At the same time, it is also important to check and verify whether the courses like CFA and CFP are the same as the ones which are famed all around the world.

A few emails or telephone calls or some research on the internet will be sufficient to tell you the reality of the institutes and the finance courses.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decisions to be taken for any MBA aspirant

You would have heard people say that MBA is really tough going. The fact of the matter is that the going is not only tough when you are in the institute but also when you are thinking to take admissions in the MBA institute. There are many dilemmas in the life of an MBA aspirant that need to be ridden over for finally making a plan to sit and study for clearing the MBA exams for taking MBA admissions in top institutes.
Let us examine what are all these issues or dilemmas.

Dilemma no 1: MBA Now or After gaining some experience

What is the exact time when the jump shall be taken for MBA admissions? There are two schools of thought in this regard. Some would suggest taking up the quest for top MBA colleges immediately after you complete the graduation. The most important reason that they advance for this is that the studies shall be completed all in one go. They are of the opinion (and they are not wrong in holding this opinion) that once there is an appreciable gap the stamina and the energy for studies does not carry on. Further, if one is engulfed in the thoughts of making money, the mind does not work in studies. These are the most practical pieces of suggestion that are advanced for jumping straight in the MBA institute after completing the graduation.

The other side opinion is that the relevant job experience is going to count and this factor goes in your favour while seeking the MBA admissions. Further, some of the top MBA colleges of foreign countries do require a relevant job experience prior to undertaking admissions in MBA there.

The solution to this dilemma lies in greater introspection and evaluation of the different criteria or factors which are relevant for you.

Dilemma No 2: Which institute to prepare for?

Shall I prepare only for the first rated institutes or shall I go for the second rated ones as well? To be on the safe side, the forms are filled for both of them. You never know what you are good for- this is the common logic advanced. And, this is not wrong. People need jobs. There are a number of institutes which offer Masters in Finance, so there is a good opportunity to opt for something rather than nothing. Degree holds importance and therefore, the aspirants wish to cash on it, if not now then at some time in future. So, it boils down to taking the degree for most of them and therefore, there is a dilution in the choice of the MBA institute.

These are two of the most common dilemmas that are faced by most of the students while they are thinking to go for the MBA. The solutions have to be found on the basis of their financial condition (since doing MBA is expensive), their aptitude, their determination and grit, the number of hours of dedicate study they can give and whether they really need it in the foreseeable future. Most of the students take MBA more as a security which can be enchased at later date even while they do not find it useful in the foreseeable future.