Monday, September 16, 2013

Finance Courses - Why so many love them?

There are many courses in the country, but I decided to go for a finance course. Finance courses are the most talked about in the country. I always wondered what made them so popular. There were many reasons because the courses are so versatile. Finance is one of the oldest sectors and the world runs on this sector largely because of the multiple purposes finance sector serves.

The inside story

The story that happens in the life of a finance trainee can be divided into three parts

• The student
• The fresher
• The professional

The first stage starts when the student actually enters the course. There are many steps in this part. The hurdles are innumerable. There are not many opportunities in this stage lest the student has a sharp mind. You need to give the management entrance exams and secure a birth in the best colleges in India. The test has millions of applicants all over the country.

Once the student has secured the admission, he/she can then choose a stream. For finance courses, there are many applicants all over the country. They are then subjected to a grueling regimen of study for two to three years. Then they turn out as professionals. Students are imparted all kinds of analysis and calculative skills which is a must for finance courses in Delhi.

The second stage starts when the student reaches the stage of placement. Placement is one of the toughest stages where the student has to face a group of interviewers and showcase his ability, comprehension and analytical skills in front of a group of interviewers. These interviewers are industry veterans who have been in the same sector for a decade or so.

The professional stage starts when the student has spent two or three years in a particular job. Once when the person gains experience, he understands exactly what is expected out of him. He can analyse the company’s cash flow and how the financial data should be recorded. This way he gets to the icing of the cake.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Careers with BSc in Management and Business Economics

If you want to get yourself employed in a hot job, then you should follow the present education craze. These jobs are basically aimed at mid or high levels. Students who do not wish to study science have chosen management and economics as their career can go a long way and the courses are not expensive either. You can save a lot, as compared to engineering and science. Moreover, if you are persistent enough, you can even predict the way your economy functions, in an accurate manner.

Management and its benefits

Management is one of the best courses to pursue. If you are a people’s person and love to allocate resources, or handle the people by providing them chosen responsibilities, then you need to choose management. Management is a diverse degree with scopes for many graduate professionals. Obviously, there can be many variations to the course. You can choose a job which complements your graduate degree in the best manner possible.

With a diploma or degree in management, you can get the job of a mid level or high level manager. Here are the jobs you can get with BSc in Management:

  • Sales Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Several jobs, at internal and external levels in an organization
Business Economics and its benefits

You love research and you want to explore how a financial entity works. The economy and the financial institutions are always boiling with some credit or deficit policy. To serve them, a business economics degree will be just fine. You can get a comfortable bureaucratic job or in a private institution, where you require to perform brainstorming.

Here is the list of jobs you can get after a business economics degree:
  • Civil Service
  • Banks
  • Stock Markets
  • Corporate Institutions
  • Statistical Institutions
If you can be persistent enough, you can even get into economical research and become an awarded Researcher.

These courses are enlightening and the job satisfaction is great. The package is also satisfactory.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bsc Management course in Delhi from ISBF

Management of anything is an art, whether it is a business or a household. It needs a great deal of planning, direction, coordination and control of activities effectively and efficiently. If you are looking for a BSC Management course in Delhi with international standards of education, then consider getting enrolled in the course offered by ISBF. ISBF or Indian School of Business & Finance is a Delhi based institute that has been offering management, finance and economics related courses to students since 2006. The 3 year graduate degree BSc Management course from ISBF aims at providing you complete understanding and knowledge of the nature of business, principal functions of management, and the necessary skills required to manage the business effectively.

Details about the course

Unlike most other BA Hons courses in management Delhi, you will explore different subjects during your 3 year study at ISBF too, including leadership, knowledge management, project management, quality management, computer applications etc. This is a broad-based management course that aims at preparing the students for a career as manager in a public or private sector company. The subjects involved in the course widen your opportunities for a wider range of managerial positions, including trainee managers, area managers, business analysts, logistics managers etc.

How to apply

Any student who has passed the 10+2 exam is eligible to apply for the ISBF’s BSc Management course in Delhi. To apply for the course, you will have to visit ISBF’s official website, download their application form, pay the requisite amount of fee, fill in the form, attached the required documents and send it to their office address. After that, you will be called for an entrance exam, based on which your admission will be made to the institute.

BSc Management course in Delhi from ISBF is better than any other BA Hons courses in management Delhi. It gives you intense knowledge about the science of management, and the topics covered by the course make you a successful manager in future. The course is affiliated to the an international university, which means that you get international quality education within your city.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BA HONS In Management- Shape Your Dreams

A good degree is always helpful in getting a good job and with that a desirable lifestyle. If your job is letting you earn lucrative, there is nothing wrong in expecting more, – that earnings that gives you a mod lifestyle, a big house, driving in posh cars, taking a trip to any international destination with friends and family and much more. You started day dreaming…. Go back to the sentence, and read again it is saying, “earnings”- we are not discussing here some hand to mouth earnings, but a lucrative one. And this only happens when you have a good degree in your hand. BA Hons courses in management are one of those degrees that help you achieve your dream.

Fact file

Continuing your MBAs can be satisfying and fulfilling experience in getting a career you want. The BA Hons in management Delhi incorporates a balanced combination of various business management segments that are aimed at the students who are wishing to study for the general business management degree. This degree focuses to develop students capable of being an effective leaders and employees, keen to confront difficulties.

Learning While Studying

BA Hons courses in management deal comprehensively with contemporary business management concepts. The courses also provide the framework for managing different projects. The subjects are not typically tome studying, but with different illustrations and practical examples. You will be studying risk management, organizing and planning, business analysis, problem solving, teamwork, resource management, strategic thinking, self-reliant, persuasive communication skills and much more. The degree is taught by the experienced practitioners, inspirational leaders and HRM specialists who are professional developers and leadership consultants.

Objective Of BA Hons In Management Courses

The overall goal of these courses is to provide graduates with a flexible, balanced, and integrated business education. On completing the course, the graduates are able to:

  • Apply appropriate academic concepts and theories to the range of management and business issues
  • Evaluate the importance of effective management of the project life cycle
  • Demonstrating the range of skills required by the managers
  • Analyze tools, methods and techniques for planning, controlling and monitoring projects and managing risks
  • Understanding the influence of the international contexts of business
  • Analyze the competency and skills required by the manager and team


The assessments are done by evaluating your entire year’s presentations, case studies, essay writing, projects, in class assessments etc. and combining your end year’s examinations scores/grades.


The degree has proved to be extremely helpful in making a career in senior management. BA Hons in management offers an excellent career prospects as the role of “Project manager” and similar ones that are viewed as a vital tool for the business success. The job prospectus of this degree is always in demand in areas such as Marketing management, IT, Human resource management, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing etc.

The business management courses are designed to prepare students for a wonderful future in the variety of industrial, service and commercial organizations.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ISBF Offers Best BA Hons Courses In Management

BA Hons courses in management will give you an excellent foundation for a successful career in marketing, financial services, general business management, consultancy, and related fields. ISBF or Indian School of Business & Finance is a Delhi based institute that offers Economics, Finance and Management courses with international standards of education. The institute offers BA Hons in Management Delhi, the aim of which is to provide you a solid foundation in management and business theory. During the course, you will also receive numerous opportunities to develop analytical techniques and practical skills used currently in different business areas. The broad course curriculum allows you to focus on the areas of your special interest, or stay prepared for particular professional requirements. Tie ups of ISBF with international business and industry ensures that the content of the course is aligned with the most contemporary business practices.

After completing the BA Hons in Management Delhi from ISBF, you will acquire all these professional skills and many more:

• Complete understanding of the contemporary industry issues, such as sustainability, globalization, demographic and social changes etc.

• Sound appreciation for management practices, including marketing, human resources, finance management, information management, accounting and other such issues.

• Critical analysis of strategic commercial behavioral patterns.

• Use of appropriate IT related business applications for the support of analysis and enhancement of reporting.

• Utilization of appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques for the analysis of different business related issues.

• Planning and execution of research projects.

• Communication of results as per the level appropriate for the audience.

The BA Hons in Management Delhi from ISBF prepares you for the business world, which means that it helps you in developing the latest skills used in business today, and developing in an intellect so that you can continue learning and growing after your graduation. In this way, you will be able to keep yourself up with the ever-changing business environment.

So, if you aspire to become a successful manager in future, then enroll yourself with one of the BA Hons courses in Management at ISBF. With international standards of education, you will be able to find employment in any reputed company across the world.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A list of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi

With the kind of financial slump the world is in, it makes the right sense to pursue a career in finance. After all, only a financial expert can successfully steer the ship of his life through such a phase. And mind you, most people don’t know even a thing about finance. They either rely blindly on what their friends are doing, or hire a financial investor to take decisions on behalf of them. But you need to be different, and you can be different by studying finance and taking your own decisions. In fact, you can take decisions for people once you’re a financial expert.

There is a wide array of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular career choices:

• Investment banker: An investment banker invests money on behalf of large corporations, the government, and multi-millionaire clients. Their main job is to increase the net worth of these clients by maximizing returns on investment. If you have sound knowledge of finance, you can definitely become an investment banker.

• A financial advisor: A financial advisor can either be an independent advisor, or work on behalf of a financial firm. A financial advisor helps individuals and business organizations to make financial investments by helping them know about mutual funds, stocks, insurance schemes, and bonds that best suit their financial stature. Don’t confuse an advisor with a salesperson. The latter just try to sell a company’s policy via telemarketing.

• Real estate consultant: Real estate has everything to do with finance. It has various financial considerations and different financial obligations to be done for purchasing property. There are so many clauses, different types of taxes, and fees that can be best understood by a financial expert. You can become a real estate consultant, which is always a booming business.

• Open up a financial advisory firm: If you have the power and the will, you can even open up your own financial advisory firm and hire fresh graduates to work for you. There’s a good chance of your business becoming big.

A Diploma in Finance and Investment is a good financial course to consider.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bsc Management Course in Delhi – how to choose the best one?

Studying management is become the need of the hour today. If you don’t know management, you’ll be lacking on various fronts such as how to manage your employees, how to motivate them to perform better, how to handle a team/company in times of crisis etc. Management sharpens the students’ mind and trains them to become good managers.

Training to become a manager significantly boosts chances of a good job, because while other non-specialization graduates will only know about their roles, you’ll have a broader function of managing them all. You will not only be in a better position, but will probably have a much better pay package as compared to other employees in the team. And no to mention, if you supplement your Bsc degree with an M.Sc or an MBA, you’ll lead a comfortable life financially. But before that, you need to study from the best college.

Let’s see how you can choose the best Bsc Management Course in Delhi:

Check college rankings: You need to check college rankings to take out a list of the top 10 colleges. Don’t even think of applying to a college below the 10th rank unless your marks can’t get you anywhere better. Also, check the ranking of those colleges in the past years because that will give you an idea of how the college has fared over the years.

See the student-teacher ratio: Teacher student ratio is the number of students per teacher. Lower this ratio, better are your chances of learning. In case of a doubt, a teacher can easily solve the queries of limited students. But if the students are too many, then it becomes difficult for the teacher too.

Social life: A good social life on the campus is really important. As they say, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. You need to socialize a bit and interact with the seniors. They will give you some valuable tips. You even need to make some friends.

If you don’t find a good college for Bsc, you can look out for Ba hons courses in management Delhi.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Find out some unusual career options after BA Honours Economics!

Economics forms the basis of sustenance. It is a very vital aspect of life, without which proper implementation of the production and delivery of goods cannot be done. In a country like India, where policies and subsidies for the poor and downtrodden are always being made, there’s a huge scope for economists. Without an economist, demand and supply can take a toss, and grossly get mismanaged. Even with the presence of economists, the scene isn’t any better at the moment. That’s why people with an economics degree are sought after.

Apart from the usual jobs, BA Honours Economics is a revered degree among various industries. Due to a growth in opportunities and rising number of sub-streams, economics is finding use at a wide array of places. Let’s see what career options you can pursue after studying economics –

Join a media firm: We bet you would have never thought about joining a media company throughout the three years of your course. Well, media firms are no longer those small production houses that had an accountant and the production team. Today, media firms work as proper corporate organizations and they require economists. An economist can concentrate in the capacity of giving the media firms some vital information regarding people and their consumption patterns.

Become a teacher: Teaching is the noblest profession in the world. An economist can become a teacher at a commerce college. Even class 11 and class 12 students have economics as a part of their curriculum if they choose commerce. Teaching is an enjoyable profession and if you can make it fun, the students will always remember you as their favorite. You might even push them towards a career in economics.

Actuary: Actuarial science, as we call it, is a field concerned with finance and economics. The basis of this field is insurance and pensions. After doing a degree in Ba economics, you can try applying for a job with any leading financial corporation in the actuary department. Those working in the actuarial science department need deep focus and insight regarding economics, and need to apply their skills to make the common man understand about the policies.

Open a consultancy firm: These days, every street has two offices that belong to a consultancy firm! Consultancy is a broad term, and encompasses various aspects. You can offer consultancy to schools, colleges, business organizations, and individuals for maximizing financial results. A consultant needs to have deep understanding of finance, mathematics, demand and supply, and should have the necessary skill set to apply that knowledge. All these skills are usually found in an economics graduate.

An economics graduate can also find employment at various other places such as government services, accountancy firms, and banks.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make a popular career choice with diploma in financial management!

Today, the industry is at such a stage where minimization of investments and maximization of profits is the mantra. Every firm wants financial managers who understand how money works and can make their company reach the apex of financial glory. Becoming a financial manager is one of the preferred options for many today. Studying financial management gives you hands on approach to the working of various industries linked to finance, such as real estate, banking and insurance, mutual funds etc. One can learn about putting money at the right kind of places to maximize profits.

The job of a financial manager is not just limited to financial institutions. Every firm needs someone who can handle their accounts and look after the finances. Though people can learn how to do accounts by observing for a few days, one cannot achieve good knowledge of financial management principles unless they study and complete a course. Courses such as diploma in financial management and accounting prepare you for such kinds of jobs, making you a skilled financial manager. And once you become a qualified financial manager, the opportunities for job are endless.

Let’s take a look at few popular jobs that one can join after completing diploma in financial accounting, financial management and the likes –

Personal financial advisor: You can market your financial management services to individuals who want to invest money, but are unable to do so due to lack of knowledge. Being a master in the field of finance, you will be able to assess their income, expenditure, savings etc. and suggest a suitable model of investment. If you get hold of a big fish, you will earn hefty commission throughout. Try to market your services and get as many clients as possible.

Financial advisory firm: You can start up your own financial advisory firm, and thereby offer financial solutions to a lot of people. The brighter side of opening a financial firm is that you can hire finance graduates to work for you, while you run the company and look for expansion opportunities. There are costs involved in running your own company, such as the rent of the office; salary of the workers, registration charges etc., but your own firm also gives you a chance to make enormous profits.

MNC jobs: MNCs, banks, and other financial institutions have a finance department which regularly recruits young graduates. You can apply for a job at such places, and learn the nuances of finance. It will be better to learn the tricks of the trade before starting out your own firm. Also, if you do a post graduate diploma in financial management, it will give you a chance to draw better pay package than just a diploma.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Benefits of undergoing a business management course

There are many advantages of undergoing a business management course from a reputed college. You would learn a world of management strategies that you never knew before.

The first benefit is learning how to sell your raw ideas. You would get the ability to influence others for accepting your ideas. These abilities would help in convincing the top management about changing strategies, compete for funds or investor support for investing in your projects and building a motivational environment in your team.

One of the key benefits of learning pg diploma in business management is that you would learn how to market and sell products and services to the most important customers and clients. it would also equip you with the knowledge and skills required for attracting qualified talent.

One of the important parts of business management is to understand the financial aspects of business operations. It is this information that would empower you to make informed decisions with regard to all other components of your business including sales, costs and revenue.

It is always difficult to make important business decisions without getting a grasp of the finances of your company. A business manager is required to manage his/her team while executing the business plans to achieve best possible financial ROI.

A business management college would also teach you on basic marketing strategy. You would be able to read the market trends, adapt your marketing strategies, change your product development plans for optimizing your market positioning and do a lot more.