Saturday, July 20, 2013

Find out some unusual career options after BA Honours Economics!

Economics forms the basis of sustenance. It is a very vital aspect of life, without which proper implementation of the production and delivery of goods cannot be done. In a country like India, where policies and subsidies for the poor and downtrodden are always being made, there’s a huge scope for economists. Without an economist, demand and supply can take a toss, and grossly get mismanaged. Even with the presence of economists, the scene isn’t any better at the moment. That’s why people with an economics degree are sought after.

Apart from the usual jobs, BA Honours Economics is a revered degree among various industries. Due to a growth in opportunities and rising number of sub-streams, economics is finding use at a wide array of places. Let’s see what career options you can pursue after studying economics –

Join a media firm: We bet you would have never thought about joining a media company throughout the three years of your course. Well, media firms are no longer those small production houses that had an accountant and the production team. Today, media firms work as proper corporate organizations and they require economists. An economist can concentrate in the capacity of giving the media firms some vital information regarding people and their consumption patterns.

Become a teacher: Teaching is the noblest profession in the world. An economist can become a teacher at a commerce college. Even class 11 and class 12 students have economics as a part of their curriculum if they choose commerce. Teaching is an enjoyable profession and if you can make it fun, the students will always remember you as their favorite. You might even push them towards a career in economics.

Actuary: Actuarial science, as we call it, is a field concerned with finance and economics. The basis of this field is insurance and pensions. After doing a degree in Ba economics, you can try applying for a job with any leading financial corporation in the actuary department. Those working in the actuarial science department need deep focus and insight regarding economics, and need to apply their skills to make the common man understand about the policies.

Open a consultancy firm: These days, every street has two offices that belong to a consultancy firm! Consultancy is a broad term, and encompasses various aspects. You can offer consultancy to schools, colleges, business organizations, and individuals for maximizing financial results. A consultant needs to have deep understanding of finance, mathematics, demand and supply, and should have the necessary skill set to apply that knowledge. All these skills are usually found in an economics graduate.

An economics graduate can also find employment at various other places such as government services, accountancy firms, and banks.

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