Thursday, July 25, 2013

A list of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi

With the kind of financial slump the world is in, it makes the right sense to pursue a career in finance. After all, only a financial expert can successfully steer the ship of his life through such a phase. And mind you, most people don’t know even a thing about finance. They either rely blindly on what their friends are doing, or hire a financial investor to take decisions on behalf of them. But you need to be different, and you can be different by studying finance and taking your own decisions. In fact, you can take decisions for people once you’re a financial expert.

There is a wide array of career options after doing Finance Courses in Delhi. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular career choices:

• Investment banker: An investment banker invests money on behalf of large corporations, the government, and multi-millionaire clients. Their main job is to increase the net worth of these clients by maximizing returns on investment. If you have sound knowledge of finance, you can definitely become an investment banker.

• A financial advisor: A financial advisor can either be an independent advisor, or work on behalf of a financial firm. A financial advisor helps individuals and business organizations to make financial investments by helping them know about mutual funds, stocks, insurance schemes, and bonds that best suit their financial stature. Don’t confuse an advisor with a salesperson. The latter just try to sell a company’s policy via telemarketing.

• Real estate consultant: Real estate has everything to do with finance. It has various financial considerations and different financial obligations to be done for purchasing property. There are so many clauses, different types of taxes, and fees that can be best understood by a financial expert. You can become a real estate consultant, which is always a booming business.

• Open up a financial advisory firm: If you have the power and the will, you can even open up your own financial advisory firm and hire fresh graduates to work for you. There’s a good chance of your business becoming big.

A Diploma in Finance and Investment is a good financial course to consider.

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