Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Ratings of Business Schools

When you want to pursue the post graduation in management, or MBA in short, you are literally faced with the problem of plenty. Not that you have everything on cards and it is only a matter of your choice to take admission in the college you want. There is an immense competition which makes it very difficult to take admissions in the top MBA colleges. Even getting into the second rated ones is also faced with a lot of competition. Have you ever wondered on what parameters are these institutes adjudged the top or A- class or the B class ones? What principles form the ranking criteria of these colleges?

There are different sources which bring out the rankings of these business schools. These sources could be the magazines or some other organizations and the ranking criteria could be many, each organization having one of its own. At times, these ranking criteria could be misleading and their real meaning could be couched in double meaning language.

For the prospective students it is important to verify:

1. The sources of information which are bringing out these ranking.

2. Pay attention to what are the evaluative criteria being used by them.

The problem is not so much with the top MBA colleges but with the second rated ones which bring out the misleading advertisements on the basis of the different ranking criteria, which, prime facie, are of no substance. With so much of competition among the MBA colleges to garner more and more of the top candidates, there is an increasing tendency to mislead candidates. Therefore, there is a need to remain vigilant and cautious about these institutes.

Here are some of the tips which can be used to determine whether what is being advertised is right or wrong:

1. Dig deeper: Do not just take the claims of the institute on the face value. You need to dig deeper. Find out which source has given these rankings. Is that source credible? Have you heard of that source commonly? Is it reputed enough in its market?

2. Check the substance of the criteria used for ranking: You need to keep your mind open on what are the criteria being used for ranking and how much beneficial would these be for your calculations. You must be judgmental about the non-substantive or the frivolous criteria and be mindful of their relevance for your selection of the MBA colleges.

3. Do not depend on just one source: There might be many other sources which may not be giving a very good opinion about the college. So, it is better to refer to as many sources as is possible.

Seeking MBA admissions is a top priority among the students and, therefore, it is important that the candidates do not fall in the trap of the half truthful ranking given by dubious sources since it is a question of investing big bucks in management education in present times.

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