Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pursuing a management course from a reputed university

Choosing a college for studying management is one of the biggest decisions of our lives. One wrong step can waste a good 3-4 years and give us a degree that cannot take us much ahead as far as career is concerned. That’s why management colleges need to be evaluated on various fronts before entering. Here’s a checklist for evaluating management colleges on some important parameters:

• The size: Classrooms vary in size from about 40 students to 120 students. It is common sense to know that the lesser the intake, the more individualized attention you can receive. See how much the class limit for your Bsc Management course is.

• Reputation: What kind of a name does the MBA College enjoy among the students? Do people know its name the moment you tell them, or do you have to explain where the college is situated? If your situation is the former, it means that the college is well known. The reputation of a college can directly translate into good jobs! No wonder entrance exams are so tough to crack! It’s not easy getting into the best of colleges.

• Study the curriculum: A lot of business and management schools don’t change their curriculum for a long time, making the course irrelevant with regards to the present market situation. Check what the entire curriculum includes. If the course seems interesting and is contemporary, you can apply for admission. From among various other factors, the kind of placements, feedback from ex-students and the cost of the program are vital.

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