Monday, April 15, 2013

5 reasons why you should study in an MBA College Delhi?

With the market filled with millions of graduates and no high paying job prospects in the offering, the best you can do to make your career turn upside down is invest in your time in a post graduate degree such as MBA. Additionally, there are other post graduate finance courses and pg diploma in finance that you can opt for enhancing your resume. Here are a few reasons why you should study in an MBA College Delhi:

· Because there are no jobs in the market: There are presently very few jobs in the market due to the ongoing recession. You cannot help but either sit at home, or start your own venture which again might not work well due to recession!

· Because bachelor degree holders earn peanuts: If you have tried applying for a job with just a bachelor’s degree in hand, you might have got job offers that will pay you Rs. 10,000-15,000. How much does that amount to? Barely Rs. 300-500 daily? That’s not even sufficient if you wish to watch a film every day!

· Because you want a high paying job: This is where everything boils down to eventually. Every student is on the lookout for a high paying job but scarcity of jobs combined with recession combined with millions of fresh graduates every year is only hampering the market situation. With an MBA degree in hand, you can rule the roost and get a high paying job. Additionally, you will get to start either as the manager or the junior manager.


  1. Great article! You are right, each year hundreds of students take management admission in Delhi city from various cities. Delhi is the hub of business schools and many schools comes up with wide range mba programs that help students to learn deep knowledge of management.