Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good career options for a good life ahead

Planning your life well in advance is the mantra of this generation. Looking at the current market trends and the number of people who graduate each year, the number of jobs available is still higher than the number of applicants. Then why don’t people get a job? Well, the problem arises when more than two people contest for a position in the same company instead of looking at different companies. With unique degrees today, you can build a super strong profile and grab the job of your choice without having to compete with someone.  With a lot of courses available such as business, finance, media, marketing etc, all you need do to is choose a reputed college which will provide the much needed weight to your profile and complement the course you want.  Let us take a look at various courses and reputed colleges.

If you are planning to study abroad, University of London is one of the most prestigious universities to study in. It has a glorious history and since its inception in 1836, it is constantly ranked among the top. Its online courses are considered a benchmark for other universities the University of London international programmes include courses in finance, accountancy, MBA, law, media etc. Almost 40,000 students from across 180 countries enroll each year for the distance program, which is considered as good as any other classroom learning program. If you are not a native of UK, you should visit a consultant or some colleague who will be able to help you out with VISA applications and entrance examinations.

From among the various courses finding a look of takers, BA Economics Hons has a good name. Pursuing this course will lay down a strong foundation for learning the concepts of economics and then learning how to apply them in practice. Case studies are presented and then students are taught how to apply solutions using business and managerial skills. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge from a wide variety of topics encompassing macroeconomics and microeconomics. BA Economics is a related course, and almost similar in nature.

Bachelors in Business Administration, also known as BBA offers a strong foundation for all those who wish to opt for an MBA after completion of this three year program. Making business strategies, getting trained to become a leader and playing interesting business games are all part of BBA’s curriculum. With this Bachelors in Business degree, you can contribute a lot as a business manager in a firm. Also, it opens up a lot of avenues for a master’s degree in management, finance, HR, IT etc. The kind of projects given in college further enhances a student’s brain to logically apply business concepts in real life situations. 

B.Sc Management is an upcoming field, which trains a student for becoming a manager, while at the same time teaching them about skills of the discipline of social science. People who wish to learn the different aspects and types of management should opt for this course.


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