Monday, July 23, 2012

Education and Business Schools in India

Education in India is a lot about what everyone is doing or what your parents want you to do. Students are a lot affected by peer pressure and at times find themselves in a fix because their parents also have their own dreams and desires which would decide the destiny of their children. The world of education, to a very large extent is not based on what the desire of the student to become is, but in which course a student will earn more and have a settled life.

MBA has become the recent favorite of students and their families because it pays off really well and the best part is that any one from any stream can opt for it after passing specific entrance tests and getting minimum marks in graduation. So even if you were not very focused while you were in school you can mend all your mistakes by going for an MBA from various business schools in India and abroad. When it comes to MBA there are many business schools of world reputation in India and many students from abroad also pursue their business studies from these institutions.

Students can go for an MBA degree at point of time in their careers. Whether you have done BA Economics or studied plain humanities you can get into a business school. The only worry is that if you don’t have BA Economics Hons or even plain Economics then understanding few concepts will take time. So brush up with your economics while studying for an MBA. Consider Bsc with business studies, it will help you a lot. Bsc Business is available in many colleges so whenever you want to pursue MBA take subjects in graduation keeping in mind your ultimate aim.

Studies decide what you ultimately become, but with the people who dream it’s a little different. Many business schools provide just education from books, but there are many other business schools which will make you understand concepts and then work on them by making presentations and by gaining other practical teachings like case studies and most important internships. It is a myth that all MBAs earn a lot. They will earn a lot, but it is not important that since beginning you start thinking about lakhs and crores. You will have to prove yourself to be there and to earn that much. However, if you have prepared to well and can get through CAT exam and get yourself an IIM then nothing can be better than it. Because in IIMs and MITs and other such institutions which are recognized worldwide then your chances of getting a high paying job will increase in the beginning itself.

It is important to decide what you want to become in the initial years of your education only. Because that way only you are the one who would be benefitted. It is important to decide in the beginning so that you can work upon that path and be successful in life wherever you go.   


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