Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What shall the MBA College in Delhi do be among the best?

There has been phenomenal growth of the MBA colleges in Delhi in the last decade or two. This growth has been spurt by the increasing inclination of the students to opt for MBA after doing their graduation for the sake of getting better career prospects. Another reason is the demand of managerial employees by the organizations which have come up as result of post-liberalisation and globalisation drive of the economy. With so many of the MBA colleges in Delhi coming up, there is a need for each one of them to earn a good name for itself. This way, by being among the top MBA colleges in Delhi, it would be one of the most sought after MBA College in Delhi. So, what shall it do for this purpose?

1. Top level Faculty: The people who would be imparting the knowledge, skills and do personality development need to be highly experienced and expert in their field. Having a faculty which is better that the other MBA College in Delhi could make a qualitative difference to the quality of students. This factor is even more important in the light of the fact that quality of students is what brings good name to the institute and is a life long investment in brand building. This is possible only when the faculty is top class.

2. Good infrastructure: In order to beat other MBA colleges in Delhi, it is also important that the institute shall have good infrastructure. Lack of infrastructure could be a hindrance in the quick deliver of teaching lessons. It could also cast an overall adverse impact on range of coverage in a specified time. But, it is important to be practical in defining what is required infrastructure and what all can be dispensed with. Care shall be taken to have that infrastructure as a priority one which is directly associated with teaching.

3. Courses as per guidelines and in line with emerging economic prospects: While there might be some stipulations on the nature of the topics to be covered, the courses need to be in alignment with the current trends and future needs of the emerging economy and market.

4. Developing reputation in industry: This is something which develops over a period of time. By frequent interaction with the industry, one can remain in touch with the problems being faced by them and provide the likely solutions using the intellectual capital of the students. This makes the candidates get the first hand knowledge and chance to interact with the organizations.

5. Invest in advertisements: The investment in advertisements is another area which needs to be done. Students who are looking to do MBA in Delhi shall be able to find your institute. The reputation of institution will grow with time and it might take quite sometime to be recognised that way, but with proper advertisements, the institute can make both long term as well as short term gains. Essentially, it is about building your brand name in the eyes of public at large.

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