Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Check the Reputation of MBA Colleges in Delhi

There are a range of options open to students for pursuing various courses after completing their graduation. One of the most favoured courses that are opted for by many students is that of MBA. MBA colleges in Delhi see queues of candidates formed for collecting the information brochure of the college. Candidates prefer to take up MBA for many reasons, chiefly for better salary packages and an enriching job profile in top companies.

MBA colleges in Delhi are a lucrative business proposition since there is a very good demand by candidates for doing MBA. For this reason, many of them have come up with all their hefty fees. Most of them also started undergraduate courses. With so many of these institutes, candidates can invariably get into one or the other of the MBA College to pursue the course. Here is the need to stop. This is where your career can go awfully wrong. There is a need to assess whether a particular college is good or reputed enough for pursuing MBA or not.

The aim of candidates shall be to take admission in an institute which is reputed not just any other, otherwise there are good chances of candidate taking wrong career step. So, how to judge or assess whether the institute is reputed or not? Here are some noteworthy points in this regard:

1.    Information Brochure: An information brochure contains all information about the institute and it is a legal obligation to provide all the truthful and correct information about the institute. Nothing material shall be hidden from public. Therefore, careful reading of the same shall be done to check whether anything material has been hidden or not. Also, the inconsistencies shall be looked into.

2.    Verify the facts: Some of the fact regarding the institute might need further verification. These include the facts related to the legal status of the institute, its recognition and accreditations and some of the other facts relating to courses and partnerships with foreign universities.

3.    Seek the help from the governing authorities: Some of the information that you may need might be easily available on the website of the company whereas some of the other information might need personal visit. But, it is worth doing it.

4.    Speak to the current students of the MBA colleges in Delhi: It is also good to speak to some current students of the college since they can tell the current state of affairs, especially related to the faculty, courses, industry interaction and placements. Pay attention to what they say. Some might be openly critical. Some others might be in favour and there might be some who would be treading middle of the road. So, keep your own rationale and take decision accordingly.

5.    Check out internet forums for complaints: This is another way to find whether a particular college from among a number of MBA college in Delhi is reputed or not. Check for the nature of complaints that are existent on the different forums for that MBA College. This can give you an idea of the reputation level of the institute.

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