Friday, October 8, 2010

Tips for CFA Courses and MBA Admissions Applicants.

This article contains some tips for the applicants who are confused for about CFA Courses and MBA Admissions.There are two videos also embedded with article which help you in preparations of MBA and CFA.

These are the tips to choose these courses and schools.

1. Research career opportunities: First make sure you know why you want to go to school and have a clear idea of what you may want to do when you graduate.

2. Choose a business school: Develop criteria such as geography, recruitment, school reputation, tuition, faculty, student body, etc. In this first step you want to start with the largest number of schools and then apply your criteria and narrow down your choices.

3. Think about going business school: If you are employed and your employer does not know you are considering an MBA, make arrangements to get a reference from a trusted colleague.

4. Don't be afraid to use an admissions consultant:  You're about to make a major life decision and tens of thousands of tuition dollars and years of your life are at stake, not to mention future career paths. You can find a good consultant who will cost you less than you'll spend on application fees.

5. Go and check out the campus of  Busness school you decided to attend: You should call the school in advance and tell them when you are planning to visit. Most MBA Institue will gladly arrange for you to sit in on a class and receive a guided tour of the campus.

I hope you will get help from this article and present a great opportunity for you.

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