Saturday, October 2, 2010

From where shall you do the MBA: India or Overseas?

If you have qualified for studying in top MBA College in India and also overseas, then you have a difficult choice to make pertaining to getting selected there. How will you get out of this conundrum? This article details the way to resolve this.

For the aspiring and the capable students, this is nothing more than a matter of personal choice. There is no doubt that some of the top MBA colleges are overseas and these are known to produce the business leaders of tomorrow. But, the saying that the Indian colleges pale in comparison to them, would be true only when it comes to comparing the course fees. In all other respects, these are almost at par with the best overseas MBA colleges. The top MBA College in India develops the overall managerial capabilities of a person of a standard that is comparable to the best in the world. This might augur well for the reputation of the Indian MBA colleges, especially for the top MBA Colleges in Delhi but for the MBA aspirants, it makes the choice between the Indian and the overseas institutes a little more difficult.

Here are some of the questions which you shall ask yourself while trying to find the way out of your perplexity:

1.    Do finances still matter? The option of MBA admissions overseas is usually closed for those who either do not have finances of their own or do not want to avail of the loan facility. The cost of study in reputed foreign colleges is many folds. Returns are not disproportionately higher as compared with the study in Indian colleges.

2.    The ‘tag’ matters: Brands do matter. The brand values of Stanford, Harvard and other reputed colleges are recognized world over. The ‘tags’ do increase your market price, give you better opportunities and make you more acceptable by the organizations. On that score, the Indian Colleges still fall short of expectations.

3.    Courses matter: Some of the courses, especially the finance courses are best taught in countries where the finance function is well developed in the market or industry. The benefit of experience in managing these courses in finance lies with them. At the same time, the popular international course like the CFA or CFP can also be taught in Indian MBA colleges. One of the best financial minds is groomed in India. Many India MBA graduates have found top positions in the banking and financial institutions.

4.    Choice between the top MBA College in India and the average college overseas: If you have to make a choice in these two options, then going for the India ones is far better. Why to spend more money when you do not have the advantage of even a reputed overseas brand? And, Indian institutes are not of poor brand equity either. These have time and again proved their worth in top MNCs.

5.    Emotional Quotient: If you are bound by your roots and these are restrictive influences on the flight of your ambitions, then you can give way to these influences. You can rest assured of the top quality Masters in Finance or the CFA education that you can have here.


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