Saturday, September 1, 2012

Educational courses in India

India is revered all over the world for offering the best in class education in all disciplines. Indian education is ranked amongst the top most education system providing quality training and experiential knowledge unparalleled like no other system. There has always been a greater emphasis on education in our country. We have had a long successful history of scholars, kings and rulers who have achieved wonders due to their learning and knowledge they received due to education. Our teachers are considered to be the best in the world having the perfect balance of knowledge, discipline and generosity. Education was given utmost importance in the past, is given importance in the present would be treated with greater respect in the coming future.

The number of courses offered by various institutes in our country outnumbers that offered by any other developed country ever. Earlier we had only the Takshashila and Nalanda University where students from over the world would throng to receive education from Indian scholars. But today we have the maximum number of universities competing and matching the standards of Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities. Earlier there were very limited options available for the students in terms of courses offered. Post high school they had the option of choosing from three major streams viz. Arts, Science and Commerce. But due to vast development in the education sector there are plenty of options available for students who can now specialize in various other fields of science, creative and performing arts. Amongst the various courses offered by universities all over India, the favourite subjects that attract maximum number of students are from BA Economics, Financial Certification and MBA.

MBA that is Masters in Business Administration remains the top most priority among students as it’s an extremely grilling two year course that offers management education to students with practical understanding which prepares them for top positions such as managers, CEO and CO Os in multinational companies. It is also assures high paying jobs if done from a good college. MBA admissions are usually long and complicated as there are a number of requirements that a student has to confer to. For example, he has to be a graduate from any discipline with minimum 50%. Also he has to clear the Common Admission Test popularly known as CAT with a good percentile normally above 90% in order to seek admission into a good college in India. If the student wishes to pursue his MBA degree abroad then he has to appear for GMAT (Management Aptitude Test).

Apart from this economics and finance are other favorite courses. Apart from MBA in finance there are various other financial courses in India. There is Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary courses that require a prospective student to be from the Commerce stream and after clearing the entrance exam and completing the course from a suitable college the student receives financial certification in the selected discipline. BA Economics is another stream which is extremely lucrative as Indian economy is in its budding stage and there is a lot of scope for development in this field.

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