Monday, August 27, 2012

How business schools are nurturing professionals

There are many business schools in India who create great financial professionals. It is their responsibility to provide true finance degrees and nurture the tender brains of these young minds of India so that they do well for the future of the country. Students with the background in BSc Business or even BA Economics always have an edge over other students. Subjects like Mathematics and Economics actually help a lot of students in scoring good marks at in business schools and have a strong knowledge of the facts explained. This is because their basic concepts are clear and they can move ahead with the applications in their entrance exams and also in the studies once the entrance is cleared.

But the business schools have the responsibility of treating there students equally once they are into the course so that everyone can learn to become a better professional. Once the students enter the course of financial management then the finance degrees that they get are absolutely credible and they have earned those degrees. Students who want to succeed in life and who want to earn a lot in life on fair terms have very bright future. Students with a background in subjects that are taught in management courses are always on a benefit because these students know things already. A BA Economics student or a student with a degree in BSc Business will already be clear with the basics whereas other students will have to first clear their basic concepts of things and then only will they be able to be at par with their counterparts.

It is extremely important to know and everyone starts from the scratch but students who come from humanities or from arts subjects will have to learn and work an extra bit to get there. Management as a discipline has grown a lot in recent years especially from the time corporates have actually flourished and gained importance in the economy of the contributing. An MBA can always understand the problems and provide strategies and solutions for the problems that corporates face these days.

Business schools are growing in India with a fast pace because students with a management degree are in demand these days. The best about an MBA degree is that a student can fit into any kind of an atmosphere. Human Resource personnel, a Marketing Executive, an Accounts person and a person with an MBA degree can hold a position in any environment as today every multinational organization needs a person who can organize things and hold the positions of a manager.

It is important that students too should understand that getting the responsibility of handling and managing an organization is a big deal and they need to fulfill their requirement with utter responsibility and loyalty. Any student needs to understand this fact that he or she is going to manage the work of a multinational company and hence should be more responsive and responsible in his work. An MBA should remember that his interest towards his studies will actually help them understand how difficult and how responsible the job of an MBA holder is.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy ways to get through MBA admissions

MBA admissions are the most important time of a student’s life. This is the time when the destiny of many students who wants to pursue management studies. There are many premier MBA colleges in India, but there are many private institutes as well who provide education and practical experience as well. MBA finance is one specialization that is a dream of many MBA aspirants. But the first step towards achieving their dream of being a management graduate is cracking the entrance exam.

There are many coaching institutes in India and some are really very good in MBA coaching. These institutes keep themselves abreast with the changes in the examination patterns of the management colleges and also these coaching institutes also get the best of faculties in their training institutes where they can teach the students in the best possible ways. The best about these coaching institutes is that the good coaching institutes are in healthy competition with each other. They want their students to get into premier MBA colleges so that the name of their institute rises. Such institutes also check the background of the students and they also have their own entrance tests to recognise the capability of students to know how well they can perform in an entrance exam. This is because they filter the students who can perform really well in one go and others who need rigorous training and more practice sessions than others.

Such coaching institutes also prefer students from subjects like BA Economics Hons, BSc Business, Mathematics specialists etc. This is because training them is easier as they already have their basic concepts clear. For such students there are separate batches in these training institutes and for other students there are special classes where they can get training in the basic concepts as well so that their application for them becomes simpler.

MBA admissions are a mad rush for loads of students aspiring for it and hence these coaching institutes provide them an extra edge over the others. A dedicated student and a student with a strong hold on concepts can clear an MBA entrance on their own as well, but it is beneficial to attend a coaching class. This is because of the reason that a coaching prepares you to sit with the competition, to handle the stress, to beat the competition and also to get through the feel of the MBA admissions process.

These coaching institutes provide you with updated study material and also with lots of mock tests. These institutes also provide a real time experience of the exam and they also test your weak areas and polish them. Coaching institutes help you to solve longer questions in lesser time by teaching you some tricks. This is one very important reason that one should opt for coaching classes.

There are many people who also demoralize students by telling them that sit in your first entrance exam as a mock test because freshers don’t really easily go through the entrance exams. This is a myth as freshers can clear entrance exams if they have right preparation and determination for it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MBA, the power of an entrepreneur

The times are too competitive for our children today than it used be earlier. It is about being the best in the world where everyone knows and possess a degree whether fake or original, whether from a private college or from a recognized one, whether through merit or through money. But today is a time where to excel you have to really be at par with other students and should have the knack of what do you really want to do in your life.

If you have decided that you will also follow the sheep herd then again it is important that you know everything about the most influential and demanding course today and that is MBA. MBA finance top the charts of many business schools and many students who apply for MBA admissions opt for this course as the numbers lets you make a very good amount of money if you are really good at them.

There are many MBA colleges in India in fact, so many that you type MBA and you can find endless lists on it. But the question is what are the good MBA colleges and which ones provide relevant and original degree and are also affiliated by the UGC. MBA these days has certainly become the most important part of any resume. A fresher entering the professional world or a professional who has already experienced that reality bites knows the exactly the value of these three bold letters ‘MBA’ on their resume. MBA admissions are pretty much entrance test oriented, but to actually get selected in a college requires some skill because of the group discussion and personal interview rounds.

There are many students who even try and go abroad for an MBA degree and do really well in India. There are two reasons for that, first is that they get a lot of practical exposure there and secondly they are preferred in India because in India a degree from abroad is considered to be really good and that makes you win half the battle in your job finding process. MBA finance carries a lot of scope and most of the business schools anywhere in the world and in India as well has this course and charge a lot from students for MBA finance.

A lot of parents also want their children to go for a degree in MBA even they want them to join their family business only in the end. This is because a degree in MBA can help a business rise a lot as compared to anything else. An MBA can understand the competition well, can fight it ethically and legally and can also flourish it through better market knowledge and advertising approaches. This is one reason why an MBA can enter any field once done with the course because any organization needs an MBA for HR, for marketing or for financial purposes. A MBA degree is like and asset and one should really prepare well for the desired college. Aim high so that you can land up in a good college and make you future bright.

Friday, August 10, 2012

MBA Finance, because the world revolve around numbers

A degree in MBA counts a lot especially in a world who is interested a lot in numbers and data. There are people who can express themselves in numbers and data and so it is a rage these days to get an MBA degree and second person is going for it these days. Let it be an engineer, a doctor, a student from BSc Business, a commerce graduate or even an arts student, everybody is interest in getting a degree in MBA. MBA in India has grown manifold since its importance has been realized whereas IIMs the pioneers of providing MBA degrees have been there since decades. MBA Finance is an area where a lot of expertise is required and so students who specializes in MBA finance has long way to go with great bank balance.

MBA in India or MBA from abroad carries great weight age. University of London also has specialized MBA programmers that provide a really good practical experience to students and also great internships in between and good jobs as well once the programmer gets over. University of London is a great option abroad for MBA course because it is reputed and trusted by many Indian job providing companies as well. Practical experience and the kind of exposure that MBA institutes provide its students are immense and worth in going for an MBA course.

A good MBA degree will make a student aware of the industry he/she is going to get in. Industry experience counts a lot and if a student is industry ready then there is nothing better than it. It is significant to take up a course in MBA according to you interest levels, but an MBA Finance Degrees will fetch you the best of the world job opportunities. An MBA degree makes a student aware of the business environment, what is supposed to be done and what is expected where and when.

MBA in India also provides great opportunities to the students and some of the premier institutes also provide them world class experience in teaching facilities and during internships. International internships are also provided to the deserving students in India. Students with great calibre and high scores have landed up in jobs ranging in lakhs and crores, which is a huge sum, especially for a fresher. MBA provides an edge to students over other graduates or over any other master degrees as well. Therefore, choosing an MBA is never a wrong decision. But before opting for a course in MBA do a proper research in what exactly you want to do in life and how much capable are you for your dreams. These are some of the basic questions that can change your life.

MBA means a lot of investment of time and energy. To get into best institutes one needs to crack famous exams like, CAT, MAT, XLRI, SNAP, FMS etc. There are innumerable entrance exams if we go down to individual college levels, but most good colleges are fine with the scores achieved in the above mentioned test which are followed by a group discussion and a personal interview.   

Saturday, August 4, 2012

MBA in India, how to get admission?

MBA from a good and reputed business schools is the dream and aspiration of many students and their parents in India, but with the number of colleges that have come up in the nation and worldwide it is difficult to choose one and also hard to get into the desired or most premier institute easily. MBA colleges have mushroomed up in India like anything after the boom of management education in India especially due to the great IT revolution in India. Engineers with an MBA degree are considered to be more capable than just someone who is a non MBA. MBA in India is considered to be a respectable degree for a better future ahead.

MBA in India is offered by various premier business schools in India where getting an admission also require hard work which leads to good percentile in entrance exams and therefore make your way clear for a b-school. London School of Economics abroad has also started providing specializations in MBA from their university because they understand what the need of the hour really is. An Economics graduate or a Commerce or Engineering graduate has edge in MBA over other stream students because their Economics and Math concepts are pretty much clear.

The process of getting into the premier MBA colleges in India goes in a pretty organized way. First you have to sit for an entrance exam, after scoring a good percentile amongst the rest of the competition you need to sit for a group discussion round which will happen only when the colleges have shortlisted you because they accept your score and because you have applied for that college. Many MBA colleges take the score of one particular entrance exam rather than conducting their own test. London School of Economics has its own set criteria and eligibility for the admission.

Once you sit for the group discussion round, you are judged on how enthusiastic you were, how much subject knowledge you had and how well you countered the arguments by being supportive of other students’ views as well. MBA in India from the premier business schools is equivalent of great amount of hard work. Once you clear you group discussion round where also many students get rejected from getting an admission then comes the most dreaded part which is the personal interview. In personal interview, you can’t take a point from someone and start arguing, you can’t hide yourself in the crowd, and you would simply have to face it on your own. Once you are selected from their then your life is set, but this means that you have to be ready for more tough experiences of the life of an MBA student.

Filling of the form is also equally important as that is your first impression when it comes to getting into a college. Make the right first impression and the world is yours to conquer. But remember, getting through the admission cake is just a piece of walking, the real test is how you actually fair in life through your studies and what you make out of the opportunity that has been bestowed upon you. The opportunity of getting a first-hand industry experience and studying through a reputed college.