Friday, December 21, 2012

Finding out the best B-School

MBA Colleges
Earlier, there were few colleges which offered MBA. It was a highly selective degree pursued by only those who wished to study a lot. But present day situation calls for a master’s degree for a good job. As opposed to olden days, today there’s no dearth of MBA colleges in India. And MBA today includes a lot of specialization as well. People can pursue everything right from finance degrees to media and entertainment in MBA!

Since everyone is pursuing MBA from somewhere or the other, a lot of business schools have opened up in every neighborhood. Finding the best B-School is actually a task and you need to undertake that task because unless you get a degree from one of the top MBA colleges, it won’t really make a difference whether you’re just a bachelor’s degree holder or an MBA.

The first advice in pursuit of a good MBA college would be to avoid looking at the ads which appear daily in newspapers. Colleges that have a lot of advertising budget try to rope in students by putting illustrative ads. But what’s important is whether those ads are genuine or not. Many colleges earn a lot in MBA Admissions by attracting students and they later realize during job placements that they’ve been duped. You should do a background check on the faculty by looking up on Google. Secondly, you should track down people from that institute and talk to them personally regarding the education, extra-curricular activities and job placements. It will be best to get first-hand information.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Importance of a Finance Course

If you are planning to pursue a Finance course, you should go ahead with the idea without a hint of doubt. The field of finance is vast. More importantly, it is expanding at a rapid pace, promising more numbers of job opportunities.

Usually, finance deals with two major categories. One is where you can probably get associated with a Company and take care of its accounts and other financial strategies. In order to grab a job of this nature, you will ideally have to complete a diploma in finance and accounting.
On the other hand, you can also get associated with a Company and help it with its investment plans. Most of the Companies, especially Multi National Corporates are keen on investing capital in different business for which they hire an investment consultant who would offer priceless advice. To become an excellent investment consultant, you should have a diploma in finance and investment under your belt.
If you do not wish to opt for a diploma course, there is always an option of doing your MBA with finance as the major subject. According to recent survey, majority of students willing to pursue a MBA degree show interest in the field of finance. Ideally, opting for a top MBA college makes a lot of sense. Usually, elite colleges offer excellent placement opportunities, literally designing a great career for the student.
The field of finance offers you a chance to work as an employee as well as a freelance consultant, thus providing immense opportunities.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting into a Top MBA College brings in massive benefits

Every single year, there are thousands of students seeking MBA admissions all over the world. With massive Companies and Corporates having emerged in the past couple of decades, focus has been shifted to MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
The fact that MBA students are being exposed to some of the most tempting job opportunities is also adding to the overall popularity of this field. With the numbers of potential MBA students on a drastic rise, there has been a considerable increase in the number of Business Schools as well. Hence, there competition amongst these institutes is a lot more intense now than what it was a few years ago. This again has brought in benefits for students as every single institute is trying to outplay the other by offering some of the best facilities.
In a situation like this, identifying the top MBA College is not a very easy task. Ideally, one can take help of reviews and information that is available through the medium of internet. There are a number of elite colleges and universities around the world that are known for their MBA course. Finance is an integral part of any business. Hence, more numbers of students are opting for ‘finance’ as their major subject.
In the last few years, the value of a Finance course has gone up tremendously with freshers being offered an average package of $60,000 per annum.  United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia and to a certain extent India is known to have some of the finest MBA institutions.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Study abroad from the University of London

Being an alumnus of a reputed university can change your life drastically. Wherever you go, you will command respect as being a student of the University of London. Such names don’t need any introduction because people know what they stand for. All you need to do is mention the name of such a university and people will sub-consciously put you in the elite league! Even companies recruiting look for people with a good college on their resume.
In such times when the competition is cut-throat, a degree from the London School of Economics or related esteemed colleges can make a difference. Heads will turn when the recruiter asks you which college you’ve passed out from and you’ll proudly mention the name of your college.
The University of London international programmers are quite popular among international students since the offer a curriculum design that’s not offered by any university in their native land. The various factors which contribute towards the success of courses offered by such universities is the good student to teacher ratio, extensive knowledge of the industry through field visits, group discussions, debate panels, presentations and internship, wide variety of extra-curricular activities and innovative optional subjects that can freshen the minds of the students.
The University of London is famous for people pursuing Bachelors in business administration. It can open up doors for a better future where they can pursue an MBA after their bachelor’s. Just like in an MBA, even a BBA offers various specializations like marketing, finance, HR etc. in the final year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An overview of popular Bachelor’s Degrees

Getting hold of a good bachelor’s degree is the dream of every college goer. People want to study well so that subsequently they can get hold of a good job. Considering today’s market scenario, pursuing business management and financial management courses can be really beneficial. Here’s our pick for popular bachelor’s degree courses:
·         BA Economic Hons: BA Economic Honours can acquaint students with an in depth understanding of economics. Course module includes study concepts such as what is economics, what are the various types of markets, demand and supply, how markets work, the relationship between producers and consumers, various government schemes and policies that work in favour and not in favour of the different types of markets etc. Those interested in such studies can find this course apt.
·         Bsc Management:Bachelors of Sciences in Management aims towards producing world class managers by striking a perfect balance between theory and practical. Management calls for a mixture of various subjects which include imperfect sciences like psychology and sociology since it’s important to understand the point of view of the society and the consumer’s state of mind.
·         Bachelors in business/Bsc Business: This course is apt for people who wish to continue their family business, start their own business, or want to pursue further studies in the form of MBA. This course trains them in various facets of business such as modern business practices, traditional family run business etc. They contain modules on finance, business, employee motivation, handling a firm in times of stress and crisis etc.