Monday, September 16, 2013

Finance Courses - Why so many love them?

There are many courses in the country, but I decided to go for a finance course. Finance courses are the most talked about in the country. I always wondered what made them so popular. There were many reasons because the courses are so versatile. Finance is one of the oldest sectors and the world runs on this sector largely because of the multiple purposes finance sector serves.

The inside story

The story that happens in the life of a finance trainee can be divided into three parts

• The student
• The fresher
• The professional

The first stage starts when the student actually enters the course. There are many steps in this part. The hurdles are innumerable. There are not many opportunities in this stage lest the student has a sharp mind. You need to give the management entrance exams and secure a birth in the best colleges in India. The test has millions of applicants all over the country.

Once the student has secured the admission, he/she can then choose a stream. For finance courses, there are many applicants all over the country. They are then subjected to a grueling regimen of study for two to three years. Then they turn out as professionals. Students are imparted all kinds of analysis and calculative skills which is a must for finance courses in Delhi.

The second stage starts when the student reaches the stage of placement. Placement is one of the toughest stages where the student has to face a group of interviewers and showcase his ability, comprehension and analytical skills in front of a group of interviewers. These interviewers are industry veterans who have been in the same sector for a decade or so.

The professional stage starts when the student has spent two or three years in a particular job. Once when the person gains experience, he understands exactly what is expected out of him. He can analyse the company’s cash flow and how the financial data should be recorded. This way he gets to the icing of the cake.