Thursday, July 26, 2012

Confused about doing MBA in India or abroad?

When it comes to education it is important to research a little before finalizing on a college or a university. MBA in India has many options with some of the world best business schools in India. There is a process to be followed for MBA admissions in India, like the eligibility criteria depend from institute to institute. Some have eligibility of 50% marks whereas few go for a minimum of 60% marks in graduation. Then there is an entrance exam for which you would need to prepare and then perform there. Further the process is followed by a group discussion and personal interview. But MBA in India can be done from private institutions as well and which is not that difficult. MBA admissions start from the day you sit for entrances so make sure that there you don’t mistake anything.

University of London also offers a course in MBA and you can learn from this program. There is a lot of research work that’s conducted in the University of London. London School of Economics is also very popular amongst students to get a degree in Economics. The course is regress and all the concepts are taught at great length with practical examples. There are a lot many universities that provide great courses, but there is no match to the education in India especially if you can study hard and get into a good MBA institute in India. London at the same time is also a great center of knowledge.

When it comes to education make sure that you choose a course you are interested in and a place where it would be easier for you to study. Don’t just follow the crowd and get a degree. Work hard and get degree from an institute which would pay off well. It is important to understand what you want in life and what your ambitions are. Have clarity in mind about what are you actually interested in studying. Even if it is an MBA then also you need be sure of what do you want to specialize in.

Check on your interests and analyze your interest areas so that you can work upon really well on what you want to do. Be sure because once you decide what needs to be done for Master’s Degree then there is no looking back. It is important to understand what makes you happy and where do you see yourself after five years down the line.

There are many colleges that provide MBA degrees, but it is important to do an MBA from a reputed institute and for that you would really need to work hard to get good percentage in the entrance exams. MBA in India, if done from a good institute can pay off really well. But one needs to study hard for that and get into a good college. Don’t just go into any college, get into a college where intelligence is appreciated and is nurtured more so that you can be the best in your field that you have chosen.   

Monday, July 23, 2012

Education and Business Schools in India

Education in India is a lot about what everyone is doing or what your parents want you to do. Students are a lot affected by peer pressure and at times find themselves in a fix because their parents also have their own dreams and desires which would decide the destiny of their children. The world of education, to a very large extent is not based on what the desire of the student to become is, but in which course a student will earn more and have a settled life.

MBA has become the recent favorite of students and their families because it pays off really well and the best part is that any one from any stream can opt for it after passing specific entrance tests and getting minimum marks in graduation. So even if you were not very focused while you were in school you can mend all your mistakes by going for an MBA from various business schools in India and abroad. When it comes to MBA there are many business schools of world reputation in India and many students from abroad also pursue their business studies from these institutions.

Students can go for an MBA degree at point of time in their careers. Whether you have done BA Economics or studied plain humanities you can get into a business school. The only worry is that if you don’t have BA Economics Hons or even plain Economics then understanding few concepts will take time. So brush up with your economics while studying for an MBA. Consider Bsc with business studies, it will help you a lot. Bsc Business is available in many colleges so whenever you want to pursue MBA take subjects in graduation keeping in mind your ultimate aim.

Studies decide what you ultimately become, but with the people who dream it’s a little different. Many business schools provide just education from books, but there are many other business schools which will make you understand concepts and then work on them by making presentations and by gaining other practical teachings like case studies and most important internships. It is a myth that all MBAs earn a lot. They will earn a lot, but it is not important that since beginning you start thinking about lakhs and crores. You will have to prove yourself to be there and to earn that much. However, if you have prepared to well and can get through CAT exam and get yourself an IIM then nothing can be better than it. Because in IIMs and MITs and other such institutions which are recognized worldwide then your chances of getting a high paying job will increase in the beginning itself.

It is important to decide what you want to become in the initial years of your education only. Because that way only you are the one who would be benefitted. It is important to decide in the beginning so that you can work upon that path and be successful in life wherever you go.   

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get a high paying job with an MBA!

Gone are the days when passing a matriculation exam was enough to get you a nice government job. Today, neither is the education same, nor is the job scenario. Let alone matriculation exams, even a bachelor’s degree isn’t sufficient to earn you a decent job. At such times, the only way to make real good money seems to be with a good master’s degree. If your eyes glint at the dreamy scene of you getting paid a bomb, then surely an MBA degree is where your aspirations should lie. It stands for Master in Business Administration, and will get you a high salaried job for sure, provided you do it from a well ranked and highly reputed university. 
While the industry is open for everyone to join, there can be only one manager per team. To grab this managerial position, an MBA degree is a must. MBA in India is currently a booming educational sector, and with some of the premier management institutes located here, students from across the world are flocking to get themselves a seat at the best of colleges. By now, you must be inquisitive to know more about this degree. Let us get you acquainted with some facts about this course:
 ·         Master in Business Administration requires a student to take up a specialization. It can be Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance etc. Newer specialization options include Family managed business, Mass Media and Entertainment etc.
·         This degree prepares a student for a managerial job and gets him acquainted with concepts such as employee motivation, stress management, designing new concepts, strategies etc.
·         A person holding this degree definitely has a more value in the market than a person holding just a Bachelor’s degree.
·         Also, an important factor is to pursue this degree from a well known college. Doing an MBA from a lesser ranked college will just make you overqualified and underpaid!
Before you go in for a post graduation degree of diploma such as Master in Business Administration, a pre-requisite is to have a bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in business, the economics of it might interest you too. At such times, pursuing a BA Economics Hons is quite good an option. This degree gives the student a conceptual knowledge of everything involved in the economics of business such as industrial and international economics, micro economics, macro economics etc.
Though there are a lot of good bachelor degrees in management available in India, B.Sc Management is one that stands out. True to its name, it teaches you the nuances of management and gets you geared up to pursue a management degree of the nature of MBA. In any case you plan to do your Master in Business Administration in the field of finance; you should opt for a good finance course at Bachelor’s level. The best finance courses in India are definitely B.Com in Banking and Finance, as well as BFM, i.e. Bachelor of Financial Markets. These courses will definitely groom you for masters in finance.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The importance of a good degree

The newspapers are flooded daily with news of students who have been picked up by companies for a record high salaried job. Such news makes us wonder, how can we get such a job? Well, the answer is right here. You can get a high salaried job after doing a good post graduation course. Without a post graduate degree, the bachelor’s degree isn’t of much value. However, a good bachelor’s degree is a per-requisite with a decent percentage in case you want to pursue further studies. People have realized the importance a good degree holds in securing a good pay package. After all, without a good degree, which company would want to pick you up?
While MBA is the hottest thing in the market, the best way to start is by pursuing a BBA degree. BBA stands for Bachelors in Business Administration and is the stepping stone towards an MBA. In this degree, students get acquainted with basic managerial skills and their entrepreneurial start taking shape. While a master’s degree will further hone these skills, it is advisable for people who have completed their bachelors in business degree to first gain an experience. A fresher just out of college can work in his area of interest such as banking, finance, marketing, and HR etc for a couple of years and gain some experience before going in for an MBA.
These days, newer curriculum has drawn a lot of finance students towards Masters in finance after their graduation, rather than opting for an MBA. A master’s degree in finance from a good university will offer you a good placement. In any case, if you were planning to do an MBA with a specialization in Finance, you might also want to consider masters in finance as an option. This course is hard core finance, and doesn’t deal with the management and business facets that an MBA usually teaches you. A master’s degree in finance concentrates solely on teaching the students the models and concepts of finance.
Delhi, the capital city of India, has been the hub of education and known to produce quality students. Finance courses in Delhi are quite famous and the teaching methodology at Delhi colleges is unparalleled. Finance courses in Delhi are apt for:
·         Students who wish to do a Masters in Finance.
·         In case of those wishing to pursue a master’s degree in finance, it can help them to move up the ranks in their organization.
·         People who wish to gain a special insight in financial dealings.

While there’s no per-requisite for pursuing a master’s degree in finance, it is necessary to be a hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. This degree benefits those students most who have already studied finance at their bachelor’s level or done their bachelor’s degree in accounting. Those wanting to pursue this course should have a good knowledge of math. In case you are weak at it, it is advisable to hone your skills and then take up this degree. You will be able to reap the complete benefits then.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good career options for a good life ahead

Planning your life well in advance is the mantra of this generation. Looking at the current market trends and the number of people who graduate each year, the number of jobs available is still higher than the number of applicants. Then why don’t people get a job? Well, the problem arises when more than two people contest for a position in the same company instead of looking at different companies. With unique degrees today, you can build a super strong profile and grab the job of your choice without having to compete with someone.  With a lot of courses available such as business, finance, media, marketing etc, all you need do to is choose a reputed college which will provide the much needed weight to your profile and complement the course you want.  Let us take a look at various courses and reputed colleges.

If you are planning to study abroad, University of London is one of the most prestigious universities to study in. It has a glorious history and since its inception in 1836, it is constantly ranked among the top. Its online courses are considered a benchmark for other universities the University of London international programmes include courses in finance, accountancy, MBA, law, media etc. Almost 40,000 students from across 180 countries enroll each year for the distance program, which is considered as good as any other classroom learning program. If you are not a native of UK, you should visit a consultant or some colleague who will be able to help you out with VISA applications and entrance examinations.

From among the various courses finding a look of takers, BA Economics Hons has a good name. Pursuing this course will lay down a strong foundation for learning the concepts of economics and then learning how to apply them in practice. Case studies are presented and then students are taught how to apply solutions using business and managerial skills. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge from a wide variety of topics encompassing macroeconomics and microeconomics. BA Economics is a related course, and almost similar in nature.

Bachelors in Business Administration, also known as BBA offers a strong foundation for all those who wish to opt for an MBA after completion of this three year program. Making business strategies, getting trained to become a leader and playing interesting business games are all part of BBA’s curriculum. With this Bachelors in Business degree, you can contribute a lot as a business manager in a firm. Also, it opens up a lot of avenues for a master’s degree in management, finance, HR, IT etc. The kind of projects given in college further enhances a student’s brain to logically apply business concepts in real life situations. 

B.Sc Management is an upcoming field, which trains a student for becoming a manager, while at the same time teaching them about skills of the discipline of social science. People who wish to learn the different aspects and types of management should opt for this course.