Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why an MBA Degree from India is important?

How often do your parents shout at you for not getting a good job? Well, this is because during our parents’ and forefathers’ times, passing high school and getting a B.Com degree would ensure a good job. However, times have changed and a bachelor’s degree isn’t sufficient to get into a good position. With competition increasing tremendously, all your friends will move ahead in life and you will be left behind if you don’t plan out good avenues for further education. MBA in India is one of the best options for getting a placement worth several million rupees. MBA, also known as Master in Business Administration, is a post graduation course pursued after completing a degree after class 12.
Doing an MBA in India offers a tremendous scope for future due to various reasons.
·         India is a growing economy and all foreign multinationals are entering Indian market and recruiting Indian professionals. They need people with expertise, and MBA offers that edge.
·         With an MBA degree, earnings are much better as compared to people who just hold a graduation degree like B.Com, B.A, and B.Tech etc.
·         A good MBA degree can get you a high paying foreign job which might be difficult with just an undergraduate degree.
Looking at the trends in international markets, the MBA course is really booming and people are going for this course right after their college. However, MBA admissions are quite tough and require a lot of practice, hours of study and lots of perseverance. The reasons for such a large number of applicants for MBA admissions are aplenty. MBA offers people a better knowledge at a specific field of study from a managerial point of view. People from diverse streams such as media, marketing, finance, HR etc can go for an MBA of their choice, since MBA encompasses all such streams.
People who seek admission for the MBA course go in for finance majorly. A lot of majority is seen taking up finance as their specialization. Apart from MBA in finance, there are some best finance courses in India. Students who don’t get an admission in MBA needn’t be disheartened. Courses like CFA offer an in depth knowledge in the field of financial analysis, and offer good placements later on. Also, college level finance courses such as BF M and BBI can be a stepping stone to an MBA. People who go in for such courses build a foundation for an MBA and such courses are some of the best finance courses in India.
If we’re talking about stepping stone to an MBA, there’s nothing better than a BBA. It stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, and can be termed as the child of MBA. This course lays down the basic concepts and foundations for students who wish to go for an MBA in future. The course of BBA is so modeled that students build a strong base so that they don’t have a problem while giving the entrance tests for MBA and even after getting an admission, have a head start as compared to other students.


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