Monday, May 13, 2013

Study abroad at the London School of Economics and make your resume impressive

The importance of gaining a degree from a recognized university abroad is becoming the key highlight of today’s education. People believe that by studying abroad, one can interact with people from diverse backgrounds and hence, enhance their perspective towards everything in general. Students who come back after studying a year abroad often describe their experience as unparalleled and life altering. Another plus side is that international colleges are much recognized than local colleges. If you have the stamp a college of the stature of London School of Economics, recruiters won’t even ask you a second question!

Some of the most popular graduation choices people make at the London School include:

• BBA: BBA stands for bachelor of business administration and is a much coveted degree in India as well as abroad. People consider it a direct gateway to an MBA degree because of their similar nature. While a BBA lets you do bachelors in business, an MBA lets you gain a masters degree in the same field. BBA can make you aware about the business situations and by studying in London; you can get to practically experience your theory when you are placed for internships.
• Economics: People opt for economics as well. Being a school of economics, the LSE sees a lot of international students pouring in each year. This degree teaches them concepts of microfinance as well as microfinance and gets them acquainted with present real life situations happening around the entire world. If you have the support of family and friends, LSE is the place to visit.

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