Friday, December 21, 2012

Finding out the best B-School

MBA Colleges
Earlier, there were few colleges which offered MBA. It was a highly selective degree pursued by only those who wished to study a lot. But present day situation calls for a master’s degree for a good job. As opposed to olden days, today there’s no dearth of MBA colleges in India. And MBA today includes a lot of specialization as well. People can pursue everything right from finance degrees to media and entertainment in MBA!

Since everyone is pursuing MBA from somewhere or the other, a lot of business schools have opened up in every neighborhood. Finding the best B-School is actually a task and you need to undertake that task because unless you get a degree from one of the top MBA colleges, it won’t really make a difference whether you’re just a bachelor’s degree holder or an MBA.

The first advice in pursuit of a good MBA college would be to avoid looking at the ads which appear daily in newspapers. Colleges that have a lot of advertising budget try to rope in students by putting illustrative ads. But what’s important is whether those ads are genuine or not. Many colleges earn a lot in MBA Admissions by attracting students and they later realize during job placements that they’ve been duped. You should do a background check on the faculty by looking up on Google. Secondly, you should track down people from that institute and talk to them personally regarding the education, extra-curricular activities and job placements. It will be best to get first-hand information.


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