Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best reasons for people to get CFP and CFA admissions

The moment people are out of their graduate courses, be in the sciences, arts or commerce streams, there is an element of cloudiness related to making of a career. While the ones graduating from the top management colleges Delhi do not have to scramble that hard for their careers the fight for the others is quite an onerous one. A graduate degree in the present situations is not sufficient to make a fruitful career and climb up the ladder. Therefore, people seek to get their post-graduation done to make a growth oriented career for themselves. MBA and CFP is one of the most sought after post-graduate career choices in India .The finance degrees are the most sought after career choices by the candidates from all the streams. The mains reasons for its popularity are:

There are better career prospects when you do an Certified Financial Planner for the simple reason that you take in the managerial level.  The people expect to open up more avenues for the jobs by getting a qualification in business administration. They might already be working somewhere and might prefer doing the CFP course to climb up the ladder of success and hierarchy more quickly.

2.    Better salary packages: Having a Master degree in the management can mean that you might land up a very handsome salary package. In fact, when people hear the CFA grads from reputed institutes getting hefty salary packages, they are obviously inclined to go their way. So, you can see that the number of students seeking Diploma in finance is growing steadily.

3.    Out of their interest and/or requirement to manage their own businesses: There are so many small, medium and large businesses in India who require professional management. The candidate opting for doing the CFA could be the business owners or their heirs apparent who need to get honed in the art of finance management so that they can direct and manage their own businesses. Even the ones who are willing to be entrepreneurs of the new businesses might first  like to go through a professional course in business administration so that they come to know what all is contained in the art and science of management.

4.    As a mid-career development programme: Sometimes, the organizations provide some of their employees with the opportunity to undergo the mid-career training in certain functional aspects of management. This is considered to be vital for their growth to do some specialised course in finance and CFA from a particular institute.

Therefore, the candidates seek Financial Certification with the aim to getting better employment as well as with the aim to be better entrepreneurs. After passing out of the graduate courses, the students are in a confusion as to whether first do some job and then take up MBA subsequently depending upon your likes of the field in which you are working, or to do CFA first and then take up the job afterwards. There is no established rule to determine what the best course to opt is and therefore, the same depends on the personal choice of the candidates unless the same is mentioned in the eligibility criteria laid down by the CFA Class.

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