Saturday, January 15, 2011

MBA from Indian Business Schools.

Some of the business schools of the world are renowned for the quality of candidates that they churn out consistently over a number of years. These very candidates are able to take the positions of significance and importance in the large organizations having global reach. Their faculty, their training and teaching methods, their infrastructure and their global reach gives a very wide perspective to the management of global businesses. In fact, this is what makes them the most famed and sought after institutes of the world. Some of these institutes are here in India as well. There might be some who are a cut above the rest and there might also be some others which are not that famous but provide quality MBA education nevertheless.

The global corporations are always on the look out for talented people all over the world who are not only capable of managing their operations but also capable of guiding and directing them well into the future. They are actually looking for the people with new ideas, practical reasoning, vision to chart out the course in the future and to make their business adapt to the changing realities so that their relevance is never lost. The business schools in India have produced such promising candidates in the past and that is why these global organizations, while on the talent hunt, also arrive on their campuses. It is not surprising therefore to see that not only the Indians but also the foreigner candidates prefer to take admissions in these business schools.

It is not just the job factor which makes them the most sought after MBA education institutes, but also a number of other factors that can be summarised below:

1. Quality of Education: The course curriculum designed by these institutes if future-oriented. Apart from the course material, the nature of training methodology, management exercises and a number of other methods are also used to give practical insights into their workings.

2. Price factor: This is one of the most important factors why the candidates like to do MBA in India. It is very expensive to get admissions into the other world renowned institutes but in India, the management education can be had at a very less price. Since the fees is quite affordable, there are less hassles in taking bank loans for the same.

3. Job opportunities in India: Some of the Indian companies having global operations are hot favourites for some of the foreign employment seekers who are even willing to come, work and settle in India. For them, the growth of the Indian economy holds a lot of promise for the future. That is also the reason why many of them want to do MBA in India.

For the Indians, getting the MBA education in India can mean that you do not have to leave your family in lurch. Even if at a far away distance, you are still at home.

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